August 17, 2017

15 minutes for weight loss sounds too good to be true, right? Of course, it is and you can’t just spend 15 minutes once a week and otherwise forget about it. You need to look at the best way to spend 15 minutes a week to maximise your weight loss results.

The ability to lose weight is determined by a combination of following the right eating plan for your body, incorporating regular exercise into your daily routines, intrinsic factors such as genetics, microbiome, motivation, sleep, and hormones, and a bundle of extrinsic factors such as stress, environment, and social and family influences. It’s complex.

The bottom line is that any weight loss strategy can work, so long as you follow it and it works well for your body and your lifestyle. The tricky part is finding the right strategy.

This is where the 15 minutes enters the picture.

Over the years, we’ve had many tell us “I know what to do, I just don’t do it”, or “I start a diet on Monday and I’m off it again by Wednesday” and the like. What is the problem? They lose motivation, they have no accountability, their problem-solving can’t overcome challenges, and life gets in the way. Often, what they think they know and what is right for their body are misaligned.

Taking just 15 minutes a week to talk to someone who is focused on you and your goals, and who knows the program you’re following, can eliminate many of the problems that might stop you from achieving your goals.

Often, it’s the accountability that will keep you on track. Knowing that you have a dedicated time and place and coach to talk about your program, to have your results checked, to discuss problems and challenges, and to get a pat on the back for doing well all contribute to feeling more capable of achieving your goal.

If it’s accountability that you’re missing, or if you know that having a dedicated coach will help in finding the right program for your body, then taking 15 minutes for weight loss could be your best strategy. Contact your nearest Healthy Inspirations centre and find out how it will work for you.