Kerry before and after

September 13, 2018

If you had to guess the number 1 secret for weight loss success, what would you say? Diet? Exercise? Pills? Shakes? Mindfulness? Calories-in-calories-out?

If you guessed one of these, you’d be wrong.

The number 1 key to weight loss success is something the Germans call sitzfleisch.

Sitzfleisch is a word often used as a compliment in the workplace.  It refers to the ability to sit still, or have stamina or endurance, to work through a difficult situation and see a project through to the end. It’s all about staying power.

Any difficult workplace project will, of course, have its ups and downs. On days when everything falls into place, it’s easy to keep on going but days where everything seems to go astray can test your mettle. Sitzfleisch is sticking to the plan because the goal is crystal clear.

Sitzfleisch and weight loss? Some days you’ll have your meals planned, there are no family or work hiccups, you’re feeling full of vitality, and not a chocolate craving in sight. These are the easy days, and of course we want them more often. Other days it seems like everything goes wrong. You slept through the alarm, ran out of eggs for breakfast, missed the bus, forgot your lunch, and then someone at the office had a birthday so the morning tea…

These set-backs are not the end. The strength of your sitzfleisch will determine how well you respond.

Having a very clear goal helps, and keeping the long-term goal in mind can stop these set-backs from becoming road-blocks. Having a forgiving attitude toward your mistakes helps – none of us are perfect, after all – and of course this links back to the clear goal.

There are different ways of expressing your sitzfleisch. You might sit and wait patiently for the problem to pass. If there is something going on in your body over which you have no control, this may be a good choice. There may be an element of luck involved, however, and this is not always reliable.

A better weight loss strategy is to become proactive and do whatever is possible to overcome the challenge. You plan your meals, get up on time to go for a walk and get breakfast organised, have a pristine pantry and fresh-food-filled fridge, and all signs of alcohol and junk foods are removed. Most people feel a sense of accomplishment in taking the proactive steps that lead to their desired goals.

A mistake, a set-back, or taking longer than expected does not mean that you’ve failed. Like any important work project, it’s essential to pick up your bottom lip, pull up your big girl pants and get on with it. Sitzfleisch: the number 1 secret for weight loss. How strong is yours?