June 10, 2021

Now that the weather has turned chilly many have turned on the heaters, wearing woolly jumpers or puffer jackets are the norm, adding a winter doona or more blankets (or heaven forbid an electric blanket) and are looking for excuses to stay at home as we’re less keen to venture outdoors.

Fast forward three months to Spring. You do not want to hear yourself say “Why did I spend winter eating comfort food and not doing enough exercise?”

So, is the problem “comfort food” or are there other reasons why most people put weight on over the cooler months?

Comfort foods do not have to sabotage your results. Warming foods like soups and stews fit most people’s definition of comfort food: they warm the body and the soul.

When you think about soups and stews, they are based on basic ingredients: meat, seafood, vegetables, stock, and some added herbs and spices. When put together, the flavours mingle and intensify. You can have many options of a very tasty, warm meal that is no reason for adding weight over the winter months.

Our recipes include a range of yummy, low-carb soups that are warm, filling, comforting, nutritious and you can lose weight at the same time.

In keeping with this positive mindset about the cold months, let’s look at exercise. 

There is no reason not to layer up for a morning walk. Use thermals if necessary, but most will get away with some leggings and track pants, a long-sleeve T-shirt, thin wool jumper, and a thicker over-jumper, with or without a coat. 

Of course, a beanie, scarf and gloves make everything a bit more comfortable. Lay your clothes out the night before so there are NO EXCUSES. Just get out and walk! Alternatively, you could change your walk to midday.

What about exercise indoors? The hardest part is getting out of bed, off the couch, or not driving past the gym on your way to or from work or home. Just make sure you pack your exercise gear the night before as the less decisions you need to make, the easier it becomes.

To help you we are kicking off a 12 Week Transformation program called Beat the Winter Blues with registration week starting from next Monday. 

In case you need a little extra motivation, this might be just what will get your through the colder months. 

Come Spring you’ll be saying “I’m so glad that I kept up my exercise and on-plan eating over winter. I feel really pleased about how I look and feel”.