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Top Tips of 2018

Our Healthy Women of 2018 Awards competition is done and dusted, and over the next few months we’ll be featuring some of our winners and finalists. There are some amazing transformations and inspiring stories amongst these women.

We don’t want to announce the winners just yet – that honour is going to the centres where the members belong – so this week we’d like to bring you some of the Top Tips shared by our entrants. Some of these tips might be blindingly obvious to you, yet a complete “light bulb” moment for someone else. Let us know which tip means the most for you.

Rachel Stead, Lower Hutt, NZ

“Each day is part of your journey, some days will be great, some days not, don’t give up after a small hiccup, write it down and continue the day on plan, you’ll get results!!” 

Mandy Kay, Prospect, SA

“Food preparation. This has been critical in my journey.  Make the time to consider you food choices for the following day and week, ensuring you have everything you need at home to prepare for the next day; especially your protein snacks ensuring you can pop them in your bag when you’re out and about.”

Lina Calvanese, Frewville, SA

“Make the decision.

Make the commitment.

Makes you a happier person.”

Bernadette Bland, Coffs Harbour, NSW

“Food is fuel for your body, feed your body the right fuel and it will reward you.”

Mary Stamatopoulos, Frewville, SA

“Be positive knowing you have taken the first step.

Follow the program and believe in yourself and the program.

The journey is worth it.”

Caroline McEvoy, Frewville, SA

“We all stumble, reset your goals to help reset your life.”

Mandy Kay, Prospect, SA

“Don’t give up. You will have days or even periods of time where you allow negative speak enter your mind, or you give yourself an excuse for making a specific food choice or choosing not to do that walk, class or circuit.  However, you must remember that you are worth it and it is an investment in yourself, and for your friends and family, if you make the time for exercise, attending check-ins and making good food choices and allowing time to plan and prepare your meals and snacks.”

Wendy Legge, Prospect, SA

“You can’t get slim or fit fast, so be patient. When you least feel like going to the HI centre, do it! Find an activity/class at the gym that you really like.”

Julianne Wilksch, Prospect, SA

“Be accountable for everything you put in your mouth by continuing to use your daily planner.”

Tania Singh, Lower Hutt, NZ

“Go easy on yourself. It’s not about the short term day to day loss or gains. Look long term and if you slip up, don’t give up. Go have a chat, realise that it’s normal and stay the track. Be Your best friend.

Mary Prentice, Blackwood, SA

“Do what you can do and allow the encouragement of staff and other members help you strive for further improvement.”

“You are not alone – my consultant is fabulous with her support and encouragement.”

Shirley Scott, Burnie, Tas

Karen Dryden, Lower Hutt, NZ

“Just do it, take one day at a time!”

Anjillena Bell, Napier, NZ

“If I can do this anyone can as I have been on every program out there and not been successful and this program is a breeze as most weeks I have lost weight.”

Lee-anne Grieve, Burnie, Tas

“Learn to love yourself.

Don’t dwell on your slip-ups – we all have them.

We are stronger than we think.”

Alison Ross, Lower Hutt, NZ

“Stick to the books, work out at least three times a week.”

“Start thinking of what you want to achieve and what your goals are and make sure commitment is one of your goals then seek your Healthy Inspiration Club.”

Kerry Bottrell, Coffs Harbour, NSW

“Try to keep active. A little each day will encourage you to do more.”

Bernadette Witjes, Coffs Harbour, NSW

“Self confidence
Building new friendships
New foods”
Crystal McGrath, Burnie, Tas

Sharon Becker, Burnie, Tas

“Take the compliments, you work hard for them.”

Sharyn Sinclair, Blackwood, SA

“Do it, don’t wait.”