January 12, 2023

If struggle is a word you associate with losing weight, perhaps that’s because you may have tried many things to lose weight without success. Perhaps you’ve starved yourself thinking that was the best way. Perhaps you weren’t ready at the time to make the correct long-term habit changes. Perhaps you got so many mixed messages that it just confused the hell out of you, and you just gave up!!!

Who can blame you?

Luckily there is a new way to lose weight and to keep it off long-term. Can you imagine being on a diet and never getting hungry? How about not being constantly bloated, or constipated? What about getting your waist back? Saying goodbye to brain fog, food cravings and mood swings! 

We have a saying “Weight loss is just the beginning” because once you discover what foods best suit your body a new healthier you will emerge. Your mental health and attitude should also improve along with your achievement, commitment, and consistency to new healthy habits.

Some of our wonderful, inspirational members have shared their success tips and strategies that have kept them on track and focused on their future for long term weight management.

Here they are. Read them for motivation. See if you can relate with one of them.

“I didn’t realise the way I was eating, and living was hindering more than just my physical health but also my mental health. I needed to make a change and with having weekly accountability with my incredible coach I have been able to reach milestones I could never have done on my own.” Eleanor

“I took a picture to see how far I have come and to congratulate and motivate myself. I have lost 63cm and can almost fit back into my wedding dress from 24 years ago.” Alina

Losing 24 kg and 5 dress sizes has helped boost my self-confidence. I’m about to turn 47 as the fittest and healthiest I have ever been in my life.” Alex

“I have got back a sense of control through changing my eating habits and it has worked BIG time for me. I have experienced the joy of losing 10 kg, my self-confidence has soared, and I look forward to losing another 10 kg before I turn 70.” Mary

“So much more to life than bad food choices just to make you feel better. Bad food choices only last seconds. Feeling fabulous lasts forever.” Cynthia

I would never have imagined how I would feel after losing 9.7kg in 6 weeks. This has given me a second wind and I encourage everyone to take the first step and have the determination that you will succeed.” Holly

“After 8 weeks I am feeling so much healthier. The bloating swollen ankles have gone. My clothes are now loose and I have dropped a clothes size or two. I have kicked my Coke Zero habit which is a big accomplishment for me.” Kirstie

“It has been a slow journey but having the eating plan all laid out for you, great information and weekly encouragement, has made it so much easier that trying to battle the bulges on your own. And those bulges are slowly disappearing. I feel great. What a celebration to see the scales register double digits for the first time in 30 years.” Ros

“I have gained a new love and passion for my health, and it is paying off. I have exceeded more than I thought I could and have lost 12.9 kg in six weeks. I love the accountability and transparency through this health journey.” Leah

“I feel more positive, and my attitude and health have changed after losing 30.1 kg so far. This is by far the best weight loss program, especially as I have tried so many.” Simon

“Amazed that I have managed to lose this much weight and it has been the best decision I have ever made. My goal is to conceive so I am working towards a bigger weight loss goal with the support of my coach. Down 5.1 kgs so far.” Lisa

“I wanted to hit an age milestone next year looking and feeling great but even more importantly with skills and an approach that would work for me forever! Slow and steady wins the race with 11.9 kg lost forever so far.” Vanessa

“6 weeks in and I’m pleasantly surprised. I’ve been able to lose 9.7 kgs! I don’t feel hungry, and the food is keeping me satisfied. I’m type 1 diabetic and my HBA1C has been the best it’s ever been. I’m feeling amazing and motivated to keep going on this journey.” Gerri

“With the help and support of my coach I feel I can get out and enjoy life more which is such a great feeling. I am looking forward to seeing my kids overseas and I know it will be a different experience on the plane with my 12 kg weight loss.” Martina

I haven’t been hungry at all and after the first three days of sugar withdrawal I very quickly had higher energy levels and I felt my mood start to stabilise. I’ve also noticed my skin and head have been clearer after losing 11 kg. No more brain fog! It’s a great feeling.” Louise

“Weekly coaching gave me the positive support and helped me take responsibility for everything I ate and drank and helped me be accountable each week.” Barbara

Trust the program – it works. Use the recipes/meals in the book or within the online portal. They are quick and easy to make and takes the “guess work” out of your meal planning and what to cook.” Dee

If you’re ready to start losing weight and want to enjoy the process, our coaches would love to help you on your journey. Complete the form below and we’ll speak soon.