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Weight Loss Success Stories

Diabetes Success Stories
We’re in the middle of Diabetes Week, and to draw attention to the role diet plays in the management of[...]
Meet AJ
Lost 12.6kg and 30cm. After 2 years of dating the most amazing man, he proposed!!! All my dreams were coming[...]
Meet Alison R
Lost 17kg and 53cm. I started February 2017. I weighed 70.8 kg and I’m not a tall lady. I felt[...]
Meet Allira
Lost 23.9kg and 85cm. After having three babies in four years, my body was both physically and mentally in need[...]
Meet Alyssia
Lost 55.9kg. I wanted to change my lifestyle, not just do a fad diet that I would not be able to[...]
Meet Amanda
Lost 22.5kg. The start of 2016 I was heading towards my 60th birthday and decided it was “now or never”[...]
Meet Barb
Becoming older is unavoidable, but to keep fit, eat well and enjoy life is a choice! I joined Healthy Inspirations[...]
Meet Bec
Lost 16.6kg and 51.5cm so far. This is by far the best and most friendly gym I've been to the[...]
Meet Billie
Lost 26.4kgs. 2014 was a tough year for me, after tragically losing both my sister and brother in February and[...]
Meet Brionie P
Lost 11.2kg and 46.5cm When I was younger, I was quite a slim girl. But as I got older the[...]
Meet Bronwyn S
Lost 13.8kg and 56.5cm. After having a knee replacement I became a couch potato and decided that it was time[...]
Meet Carolyn
I'm in a better place at 50 now! Over the last few years I had too much weight that had[...]
Meet Chris F
Lost 12.7kg and 42cm. I feel more self-confident. If I can make this life change anyone can. I did it!
Meet Colleen B
Lost 10.2kg and 47cm. I was feeling tired and flat, was overweight and wanted to change my unhealthy eating habits.[...]
Meet Diane L
Lost 15kg I underwent an Arthroscopy on my painful arthritic knee and needed partial knee replacement on both knees and[...]
Meet Elaine
Lost 34.6kg and 100.5cm. I commenced with Healthy Inspirations in February 2012 and since following the program, initially the Great[...]
Meet Esther
Lost 11.3kgs and 55cms. Initially I joined the Healthy Inspirations team after my Mum, Melanee reached her fantastic 100% in[...]
Meet Faye M
Lost 11.9 kilos and 41.5 cm. After a week away with my husband, I came home and weighed myself. I was[...]
Meet Helen N
Lost 11.6 kilos, 41.5cms and 17.18% body weight. I have struggled all my life with my weight, felt self-conscious and held[...]
Meet Holly
Lost 30.5kg and 111.5cm. I started this journey in February 2014 after overcoming one of the worst relapses since being[...]
Meet Irene F
Lost over 40kg. I had been watching Jeanette for quite some time at Bingo and saw how great she was[...]
Meet Janine
Lost 9.2kg. For the last five years my husband and I have been running a 7 day business we decided[...]
Meet Janine R
Lost 6.2kg and 23cm. I had been putting on few kilos each year since I turned 50. I then fractured[...]
Meet Jayne
Lost 15kg and 44cm – but gained everything I was at the heaviest I had been in years and was[...]
Meet Jeanette W
Lost 45.5kg and 159cm. I’d always felt pretty self-conscious about my size. When my daughter announced she was getting married,[...]
Meet Jen I
Lost 16.3 kilos and 45 cm. I was getting to the stage where I was just too big and uncomfortable. I[...]
Meet Jennifer F
Lost 16.3 kilos and 45 cm. I have been a member of H.I. for many years. My weight has fluctuated, but[...]
Meet Jenny
Lost 12.2kgs and 45cms. I had a bike accident a few years ago and finished up with compressed fractures of[...]
Meet Jill G
Lost 10.5kg and 48.5cm. Seven years ago I had trouble finding something to fit for a wedding in my hometown. I[...]
Meet Jo R
Lost 6kg and 34cm. I felt silly wanting to lose weight but I just wasn’t happy with how I looked[...]
Meet Joanna D
Lost 9.6 kilos and 40 cm. The realisation I was using food to deal with my grief and loss after losing[...]
Meet Jodi B
Lost 34.4kg and 86cm. My daughter motivated me to start, The team at Healthy Inspirations kept me focused and motivated. [...]
Meet Jodie C
Lost 13.2kgs and 30.5cms. One of my goals to keep me motivated was to lose the weight for summer as[...]
Meet Jody J
Lost 7 kilos and 30 cm. The main thing that triggered my decision to start a weight loss program was that[...]
Meet Judith R
Lost 5.8kg and 31cm. I made the decision to take a good look at how I was looking, and how[...]
Meet Julie
Lost 12.4kg and 48cm. I am so thankful to Michelle and her staff for their encouragement & support.  The healthy[...]
Meet Julie G
Lost 20kg in 17 weeks. I needed help to lose weight and one of my customers told me how much[...]
Meet Justin
Some centres also offer a men's program: contact your nearest centre for details. Lost 20kg. I am proud, I am[...]
Meet Karen C
Lost 28 kilos and 75 cm - 2017 Slimming Story of the Year I have come from walking around with a[...]
Meet Karin
Lost 19kg and 78cm. As a child I had always been on the chubby side and I was addicted to[...]
Meet Kasey
Lost 12.1kg and 52cm. I focused on me and achieved my goals. I’m lighter in my step and I don’t[...]
Meet Kay T
Healthy Inspirations ticked all the boxes - support and encouragement, diet, exercise, education - and had my doctor's recommendation. I[...]
Meet Kerry
Some centres also offer a men's program: contact your nearest centre for details. Lost 9.3kg and 39cm. My cardiologist’s instructions[...]
Meet Laurie W
Lost 71.4kg and 198cm. ‘I’ll enjoy this victory for the rest of my life’ Hi Jodi and your amazing Healthy[...]
Meet Leeanne
Lost 10kg and 55cm. After years of trying on my own, I joined Healthy Inspirations in hope to return to[...]
Meet Libby and Jackie
Lost 17.5kg each. My sister and I started on our adventure with Healthy Inspirations (HI) in June 2014. We had[...]
Meet Linda J
Lost 15.4kg and 60.5cm. I found inspiration in me. I had the classic netball injury (ACL), was diagnosed with an[...]
Meet Lisa W
The best thing I've done is to join Healthy Inspirations Maitland and take care of myself. I feel the best[...]
Meet Lois
Lost 10.6kg and 33cm. For many years I have had various health problems including inflammation in my back and I[...]
Meet Loretta
Lost 43kg and 142.5cm. I saw an ad for Healthy Inspirations in the paper and thought “What the heck, I’ve[...]
Meet Louise
Lost 26.2kg and 74.5cm. I have been overweight since I was 10. Numerous past attempts at weight loss saw me[...]
Meet Lu Mc
Lost 12.1kg and 44.5cm to date... After always living an active and fit life in the dance industry in my[...]
Meet Luana A
Lost 13 kilos and 50 cm. I re-entered the work force and decided that I needed to start a program to[...]
Meet Lyn H
Lost 4 kilos and 13.5 cm. I sold my business after 11 years. It’s time to find myself again and get[...]
Meet Marie Mc
Lost 8kg and 35.5cm. After losing my husband Antony almost 3 years ago, I was lost.  I was devastated when[...]
Meet Mary C
Lost 19.3kg and 55cm. Since achieving my goal weight, my blood pressure and cholesterol have both come down and I[...]
Meet Melissa D
Lost 19 kilos and 58 cm. In 2009 I reached my heaviest weight I felt so unhappy and lacked a lot[...]
Meet Melissa S
Lost 10.9kg and 46.5cm. Joining Healthy Inspirations was the best decision for me. The support from staff is amazing which[...]
Meet Nicky B
Lost 13.3kg and 54cm. I’m feeling better now than I did 10 years ago. It’s been a great way to[...]
Meet Nicky V
Lost 10 kilos and 21 cm I went to an EA conference and listened to a speaker talk about fatigue and[...]
Meet Pam O
Lost 7.7 kilos and 36.5cms. I was struggling to lose weight that just seemed to keep going on. Taking a good[...]
Meet Pauline E
Lost 17.8kg and 68.5cm. Hi, I am Pauline E. I am 52 and come from Tenambit. I am a mother[...]
Meet Pili M
Lost 11.3kg and 43cm I was inspired to join Healthies after seeing a friend’s transformation (she’s also a member!). She[...]
Meet Raelene
Lost 9kg and 30cm. I recently turned 74 years and I am so happy that my Doctor agreed I could come[...]
Meet Rebecca
Lost 14.6kg and 50.5cm. I have struggled with my weight and eating since a teenager. I had a lap band[...]
Meet Renee
Lost 17.8 kilos and 67.5 cm. I have some health concerns and I thought that if I was to maintain a[...]
Meet Salina
Lost 15kg and 69cm. On my first visit to HI, I didn’t feel pressured to make a commitment that I couldn’t[...]
Meet Sarah
Lost 14.2kg and 34.5cm. I’m so happy and proud of myself. Now I’m a regular at the gym and the[...]
Meet Sarah K
Lost 13.7 kilos and 51 cm. 15 years ago, I had breast cancer and although the treatment (surgery and radiation) was[...]
Meet Sharon P
Lost 40kg and 126.5cm. Coming to Healthy Inspirations has been the best decision of my life. The trainers are fantastic[...]
Meet Shelley H
Lost 26.4kg. I was following a very strenuous exercise program and wasn’t getting the results I wanted due to bad[...]
Meet Simone
Lost 8kg and 29cm. Before coming to Healthy Inspirations, I felt sluggish, tired and uncomfortable in my own skin. At[...]
Meet Sonja D
Lost 9.9 kilos and 34.5 cm. After turning 70! I decided you're never too old! Both our sons' marriages broke down[...]
Meet Sue M
Lost 23.2kg and 59.5cm. My weight has fluctuated over the years. I played sports in school but I was still[...]
Meet Tarsha
Lost 8.2kg and 39.5cm. I have always danced and bush walked to maintain my fitness levels, but found myself getting[...]
Meet Tonya R
Lost 22.1kg and 62cm I joined HI Blackwood in January this year after driving past and seeing the sign. I[...]
Meet Val
Lost 32.8kg. I never thought I'd wear size 10 clothes again! When I joined Healthy Inspirations I weighed 92.7kg.  I[...]
Overcoming obstacles
It's often easy to focus on the things that are going wrong in life, and so it may be helpful[...]