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Weight Loss Success Stories

Meet Wendy L
Lost 12kgs and 40cm - and won the Ambassador Story of 2018 in the Healthy Women Awards Change the way[...]
Meet Rachel S
Lost 35.2kgs and 96cm I am a Scout leader who loves getting involved and doing all the kids do, too.[...]
Meet Mandy K
Lost 10.5kgs and 34cm I never thought I’d be in such great shape at the age of 46. Food was[...]
Meet Lee-anne G
Lost 24kgs and 82cm I was always feeling tired and lethargic; the slightest amount of exercise left me breathless. I[...]
Meet Julianne W
Lost 10kgs and 42.5cm - and won the Health Story of 2018 in the Healthy Women Awards I had abnormal[...]
Meet Crystal M
Lost 12.2kgs and 25cm I was inspired to join Healthy Inspirations to improve my weight, health and fitness because of[...]
Meet Caroline M
Lost 15.2kgs and 100.5cm It was a series of little events and a growing feeling of increasing discomfort within my[...]
Meet Anjillena B
Lost 32.6kgs and 114.5cm - and won the Inspiring Story of 2018 in our Healthy Women Awards, I spent most[...]
Meet Alison R
Lost 17kgs and 60cm After having two children and leaving a bad relationship, I knew it was time to make[...]
Meet Bernadette W
Lost 11.9kgs and 39cms I was inspired to start at Healthy Inspirations because our wedding was approaching. Our fitness coach[...]
Meet Karen D
Lost 33.3 kilos and 90.5 cm People often ask me, why now?  What was my motivation to lose weight and get[...]
Meet Kerry
Lost 6kgs and 24.5cms I did not want to go up to the next size in my clothes, so I[...]
Meet Lina
Lost 22.6kgs and 62cm. My first motivation to lose weight was my health, then it was for myself to change[...]
Meet Mary
Lost 6.5kg and 25.5cm The last 5 years have been quite topsy turvy and stressful. With the opportunity to retire[...]
Meet Mary
Lost 20kgs and 69cm. I was feeling unhappy in myself and my health was suffering. Dr recommended a Diabetic Educator:[...]
Meet Sharon
Lost 42kg and 131cm. I wanted to do something for myself. I have had a weight problem all my life[...]
Meet Sharyn
Lost 11.2kg and 27.5cmBefore Healthy Inspirations I was feeling unhealthy, overweight, and tired, and I had high blood pressure.I now[...]
Meet Tania
Lost 6kgs and 21cm. My 1 year old son had more energy than I could dream of and my youngest[...]
Meet Shirley S
Lost 65kg and 127cm - and won the Slimming Story of 2018 in the Healthy Women Awards. I was very[...]
Meet Bernadette
Lost 27kgs and 70cms I have struggled with being overweight since I was in high school; I became obese after[...]
Meet Sue E
Lost 9.7kgs and 39cms Healthy Inspirations is the most effective weight loss programme I have used. The guidelines are clear[...]
Meet Lesley B
Lost 10.2kgs and 29cms I had tried to lose weight and keep it off so many times, trying everything there[...]
Meet Joanne W
Lost 7.6kgs and 42cms I’m so glad I made the decision to contact the team at Healthy Inspirations.  With their[...]
Meet Ali B
Lost 11.5kgs and 42cms When times get stressful or I’m not in a good head space I’ve always taken it[...]
Meet Mandy
Lost 10.5kg and 34 cm That’s 15.1% of body weight My weight loss/gain journey has been a never ending one. [...]
Meet Debbie H
Lost 11.5kgs and 40.5cms Thanks to Healthy Inspirations, I have managed to lose the extra weight with their diet, exercise[...]
Meet Deb
Lost 13.3kg and 53 cm That’s 18.97% of body weight The last few years has seen my weight yo-yo. I[...]
Meet Heather G
Lost 8.1kgs and 26cms Healthy Inspirations is well named. Walking in the door is the first step to a healthy[...]
Meet Gail W
Lost 17kgs and 50cm and kept it off for 10 years! I joined Healthy Inspirations in 2008 and lost 17kg[...]
Meet Jenny G
Lost 9.3kg and 38cm. I love having the energy and confidence to get out there and live life.  I did[...]
Meet Rachel S
Lost 37kgs and 107.5cm. I am a Scout leader who loves getting involved and doing all the kids do, too.[...]
Meet Robyn B
Lost 8.3kg and 31cms   13 weeks later, I feel amazing. Injuries have healed, hot flushes have disappeared - AWESOME!![...]