June 17, 2021

Have you ever heard anyone say “Weight loss is all in the mind.” 

In nature a mother bird teaching its child to fly might say something similar, but only after ensuring that their wings had grown enough to actually support flight. This means the baby bird had the right resources.

The right mindset will support the right eating and coaching plan for you and your body. But it won’t work if you don’t first have the plan and the support.

So the 1st weight loss mindset (decision) is:

Commit to the process to discover the eating plan that’s best for your body.

The 2nd weight loss mindset is:

You’re more likely to get results if you have a guide… a coach… to support you and hold you accountable. You would not want to get on any flight from one city to another if the pilot did not have a co-pilot who acts like a navigator to make sure they stay on course, regardless of side winds and storms.

The 3rd weight loss mindset is:

Take steps to avoid decision fatigue. Reduce the number of decisions you need to make each day by automating them or delegating them. Have you noticed that the CEO of Facebook typically wears the same grey t-shirt and jeans? President Obama wore the same suit every day. 

The 4th weight loss mindset is:

Think about how you can reduce daily decisions. You’ve heard the saying “Variety is the spice of life.” We’ll it could be that “Variety paralyses.”  When it comes to food and weight loss, you’ll probably do better with less variety, especially in the beginning. Keep your meals simple. Prioritise the protein in each meal.

The 5th weight loss mindset is:

Create a Short Success List

People who can achieve what is most important each day may only do 1-3 things but these 3 things will have the most impact on your life and your success. It’s the 80/20 rule where it’s the 20% of doing the important things that make 80% of the difference.  Eat, sleep, exercise, sunshine, community! You get it.

The 6th weight loss mindset is:

Focus on the “Get to” moments. See everything as an opportunity “I get to spend time with my grandsons” makes it seem like a privilege and not a burden.

Reframe habits to highlight the benefits helps to reprogram your thinking and your mindset. You can actually say “I get to go to work.” Instead of “I’ve got to go to work.”

The 7th weight loss mindset is:

By reducing friction, makes it easier to develop a new habit.

If you want to eat healthy, clean out the fridge and pantry of foods that you shouldn’t be eating. Preplan and prepare food in advance. Throw out (or donate) all foods and drinks that are not on your eating plan list. The kids and grandkids will do fine on fresh foods and water. Really!

The 8th weight loss mindset is:

Take responsibility and stop playing the blame game. The less you blame others, the more responsible you will feel. It’s actually liberating to say “I’m being responsible.”

The 9th weight loss mindset is:

Develop small habits one by one that help.

Small disciplines repeated with consistency everyday lead to great advancements gained slowly over time – John G Maxwell

The 10th weight loss mindset is:

Think about who might gain from witnessing you taking control of your health and making effective long-term change. Although you’re doing this for you, knowing that others may benefit can be a big motivator.

What other mindsets can you add to this list?