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The Fitness and Weight Loss Industry is Growing

Nearly 2/3 of the Australian and New Zealand adult population are now overweight or obese, with obesity about to overtake smoking as the leading preventable cause of illness, chronic diseases and early death. It is estimated that in 2016 over $1.6 billion will be spent on fitness and weight loss services in Australia. Interestingly, weight loss is the most common goal of women commencing an exercise program.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

It’s an Opportunity to Help Women in Your Community and Own Your Own Business

Are you motivated to help women improve their health, facilitate them getting connected with others, and for you to enjoy the benefits of owning your own business? Are you willing to roll up your sleeves and work hard now so you can enjoy the benefits that business ownership can bring?

It's a Unique Weight Loss & Exercise Solution – All Under One Roof

Healthy Inspirations is the only place a woman can go that combines:

  1. Individual food plan development – based upon each member’s individual response to different foods
  2. High-frequency, one-on-one, lifestyle-change coaching and support
  3. Exercise in a comfortable women’s only environment

Healthy Inspirations offers a complete solution to those who value these benefits. The Healthy Inspirations membership includes nutrition plans, exercise, and coaching. These programs are designed by experts but delivered at an affordable cost by franchisees and their staff who have successfully completed the Healthy Inspirations Health Coach training.

Proven Results

To date, over 9,000 women have lost more than 150,000 kilos. Franchisees keep very detailed records of each member and report their total weight loss each week.

Expert Systems and Expert Oversight

The Healthy Inspirations weight loss programs are overseen by an Australian Registered Practicing Dietitian and supported by the National Training Manager.

Core Philosophy 1. One Diet Does Not Suit Everybody!

The most common statement by members joining Healthy Inspirations is something like “I’ve tried every diet and nothing works.” Most weight loss approaches are based upon “energy balance” or “eating less and exercising more”. Rarely does this method tap into stored or trapped body fat. The unique approach by Healthy Inspirations looks at each body’s individual response to different foods. Once we determine the eating plan that will allow each person’s body to release stored fat for energy, it’s then much easier to eat less and exercise more – all without hunger.

Core Philosophy 2.  Knowing and Doing Are Different

It’s so common to hear overweight people say “I know what I’m meant to be doing.” If this were true, in the age of the internet with unlimited free information available we should all be billionaires with six-pack abs! The two problems are:

  1. people don't really know what food plan will be effective for their body and
  2. they lack the “how” to execute a plan and develop new habits.

The Healthy Inspirations program addresses the first problem and the coaching process and procedures address the second problem.

Core Philosophy 3. Eliminating the Exercise Barrier

For many overweight people, their thoughts about exercise become a barrier.

Many people don’t attempt to lose excess weight as they incorrectly think that they will have to exercise hard or spend hours exercising every day.

Exercise can start gently and increase gradually as the member loses weight.

Actually, some members join to lose weight and are simply not ready, willing or able to exercise at the start. Our goal is to get every member exercising as soon as they are ready and to become exercisers for life. That’s why Healthy Inspirations centres provide a time-efficient, resistance-based exercise circuit that's available to members on a drop-in basis.

Many also offer additional small group training classes for extra mind-body, toning, flexibility and having-fun-with-other-women benefits.

Some offer personal and semi-private (2on1) personal training as well.​

Core Philosophy 4. Short Term Fixes Don’t Work – It’s About Sustained Lifestyle Change

Although people go looking for short term quick fixes, it does not work. To successfully and healthily lose weight and keep it off, a commitment to lifestyle change is required. And so, what is good for our members is also good for the business.

Who Makes the Ideal Franchisee?

1. They are committed to learn and follow systems. Systems run each Healthy Inspirations business. To maximise success, the franchisee and their staff learn and execute those systems, including the marketing, sales, service and admin systems.

2. They have a marketing and sales orientation. Too many health professionals and personal trainers don’t optimise their potential as they don’t put energy into local area marketing. It’s not just advertising but using social media and local community networking.

Franchisees do NOT have to be 'salesy' types. Healthy Inspirations trains franchisees and their staff how to implement a consultative sales process, based on the needs of the customer.

3. They are passionate about health and helping other people get healthy. If being healthy is not a passion for you, please stop reading now!

4. They are focused on their business. If they have families, they also have family support. Until they are well established, franchisees should not be juggling multiple businesses.

5. They want to make a difference in their local community. The franchisee's marketing is all focused in their local area. Successful franchisees reach out and form working relationships with other local businesses, professionals and organisations.

If you re-read the 5 points above, you’ll see that specific qualifications are not required to be a successful Healthy Inspirations centre owner. Many franchisees and their teams have qualifications, business skills and life skills, which they can put to good use within the business. But the 5 points above are the most important. All the training necessary is provided, including ongoing education.

Ongoing Training and Support

Being successful in your business is easier when you’re not alone. Within Healthy Inspirations there’s a lot of resources and support.

  • The online franchisee portal contains the e-learning platform, marketing resources, educational resources and general communications.
  • Franchisees get access to fresh “done-for-you” marketing campaign materials each month. The franchisees don’t have to create marketing, just implement it locally.
  • Franchisees get a weekly report with updates, best practice tips and showing the actual results of all centres.
  • Franchisees get to participate in a private Facebook group where they can network and share with other franchisees
  • Pick up the phone! Of course, franchisees are welcome to call the support office to get one-on-one help.
Marketing Support

Although the franchisee should have a local marketing disposition, there’s lots of marketing support. The franchisee does not have to be a marketing creative, but a marketing implementer.

There's a comprehensive branding package to help promote the brand and maintain brand integrity in everything you do including: signage, site design, internal graphics, print and digital marketing, social media marketing, uniforms, car wraps etc…

Franchisee’s microsite and URL. This gives your business a specific online lead-capturing web page.

Branded Facebook Page Facebook is the most popular social media amongst our target audience. Franchisees receive:

  1. Daily (365 days a year) Facebook posts for all franchisees, plus guidance on centre-specific social media activity.
  2. Free artwork localisation service. Each month we create the campaigns, then the franchisees choose what materials they will use. Then we provide a free localisation service to localise contact and offer details. We also create online campaigns that connect to an automated email service to generate leads while you're asleep! This all keeps you in front of customers without having to bug them with phone calls.

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Territories Available

The map and lists below point to where territories are available and not to specific locations. If your preferred location is not listed, contact us so we can discuss if the demographics are a good fit for a Healthy Inspirations business.

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