Weight Loss & Wellness Coaching in The Workplace

Weight Loss Coaching in the Workplace

Weight Loss & Wellness Coaching at Work

Can you imagine improving your weight and health at work?

With Healthy Inspirations personal coaching in the workplace you can ask your employer for for a short 15 min break once a week, to meet with your coach.

As the 15 minute weekly coaching sessions are private, it just needs the use of a private space.

Your coach provides you with all the Healthy Inspirations program materials to make your weight loss journey simple.

There are four steps:

  1. A quick 10 min call - fill out the form to request a quick call, either at home or in a break time. This call will be to find out if the coaching program might be a good fit to explore. If so, you'll book a free Initial Consultation, either in your workplace (in your free time) or via Zoom.
  2. The Initial Consultation - allow 30 minutes - to review your goals, see how the program works, including the weekly fee and decide if it's something you want to do. The weekly fee is paid by you by direct debit so all coaching time focuses on you and your results. 
  3. The Program Explanation - is where your coach gives your your program kit and shows you exactly how to get started losing weight straight away. This initial session takes around 30 minutes.
  4. The Weekly Checkins - you and your coach will agree to best 15 minute time slot for you each week. There are limited spots available. If you are away from the workplace in any week, the session can be done by Zoom video chat. 

Workplace Community

The team members who enrol in the coaching can also form their own support group, with a focus on healthy eating. This is optional.

Minimum Coaching Terms

With Healthy Inspirations, weight loss is just the beginning. The focus is sustained wellness and developing healthy stay-slim habits. Each person has different weight and wellness goals and so they are given two program choices:

  1. Quick Start - This has a initial coaching term of 12 weeks, after which the member can continue or discontinue at any time. Initial weight loss expectation should be around 5 kilos in 12 weeks if someone follows the simple program instructions. Results vary.
  2. Transformation - his has an initial coaching term of 12 months, after which the member can continue or discontinue at any time. The focus is on health habit and lifestyle. This is best suits to those who have 10 or more kilos to lose to achieve a healthy weight, and keep it off.

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